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Wedding Memories - Renaldo & Ashley Powell

First off, we want to say we are extremely lucky to have stumbled upon the Grand Holland Estate! We were actually on our way to a different venue and spotted the Grand Holland on our drive there. The atmosphere here was absolutely amazing for our wedding!

Everything was a 10/10! Even the pickiest eater in my family enjoyed the food, so that was great! The staff at the Grand Holland was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. We felt like we were treated like royalty. They had every detail worked out even before we knew we needed it.

This place is great for weddings of all sizes because of the flexibility a venue like this provides. Even if this place was an hour or two away from our home we still would have chosen to do everything here. Luckily for us were not far from home at all. Our guests told us they felt like they were on the set of a romantic movie, and my SPOUSE and I couldn't agree more! Thank you for helping to make our day perfect!


Renaldo and Ashley Powell

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